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Who We Are

Who We Are

As a family-owned company, CommuniCare Health has grown to become one of the nation’s largest providers of post-acute care, which includes skilled nursing rehabilitation centers, long-term care centers, assisted living communities, independent rehabilitation centers, and long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs).

Our CommuniCare Advantage special needs plans are another way we strive to provide the best, most compassionate care to our residents and communities.


The primary mission of each and every one of our employees stems from our philosophy: Serving with Pride.

We recognize that we are called to reach out with our hearts and touch the lives of others. This recognition instills a great sense of purpose in the work we do each day. As a result, we take immense pride in our opportunity to deliver the highest quality of care. We remind ourselves daily that we are called to serve with pride.


Standards of Excellence

CommuniCare Advantage’s commitment to serving with pride means a standard of operations that is founded on an unwavering commitment to excellence. We provide a superior customer experience: one that not only heals, but also satisfies. To that end, the CommuniCare Family of Companies operates in accordance with our True Blue Standards of Excellence.

In our company, “True Blue” is defined as an unwavering commitment to excellence, and our aim is to weave all of our actions and decisions into this framework.

Within CommuniCare Advantage, we have divided the customer experience into categories with a high threshold of standards for each:

Clinical Excellence

We support clinical outcomes that consistently rank above and beyond the CommuniCare standard in all key clinical indicators.

Service Excellence

We live by and uphold CommuniCare’s service standards every day. They define our culture at all levels of the organization. We focus on our members through unyielding determination to deliver an exceptional customer experience – a True Blue experience

Satisfaction Excellence

We understand the importance of listening to our members while continually identifying and creating solutions for improvement.

Our Culture of Caring Communities

Our Culture of Caring Communities

Serving with pride is at the foundation of CommuniCare. We believe we’re only as good as those with whom we surround ourselves, and that’s why we take such pride in the people of our company. They clock in every day, bringing their best selves into action and, in the words of our CEO and Founder, Stephen Rosedale, make this job a mission. CommuniCare Advantage was created in this same spirit of excellence and care.

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